Suspension Systems Offer Safety and Stability

A modern automotive suspension system is engineered to stabilize a moving vehicle. When you closely examine the front section of your car's chassis, you'll most likely notice struts with the decades-old MacPherson design. Coiled springs are wrapped around shock absorbers, which contain some type of motor oil and pressurized gas. The tubes inside the shock absorbers are available with single and twin designs. When the tires and wheels rotate in sync with each other, the struts dampen vibrations.

Worn-out parts in the suspension system may cause a loss of control of the steering system. For example, sway bars and control arms that are worn out significantly increase the risk of an accident. Similarly, loose shocks and springs increase the severity of injuries to occupants during a crash. The driver and passengers will probably hit their heads against the ceilings as the cabin vibrates up and down. Based in Berthierville, Automobiles Paille detects and fixes problems with auto suspension systems.



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