Visit Paillé Berthierville To See If A Front Or Rear Wheel Vehicle Is Best For You

When you decide to get a new vehicle to drive around Berthierville, you'll find that vehicles come in three different drive types. These include front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. While all-wheel drive is gaining in popularity, most vehicles still come in either front or rear-wheel drive. There are pros and cons to each.

With rear-wheel drive vehicles, you are presented with a few benefits. The first is that the design of rear-wheel-drive vehicles is that they are both simple in nature and rugged. This allows them to withstand a fair amount of abuse, such as hit curbs and traversing potholes, without the need for major repairs. These vehicles also provide better balance and as a result better handling. The downside to rear-wheel-drive vehicles is subpar traction in bad weather.

Front-wheel drive vehicles offer a few benefits as well. First among these is being better economically. This is due to the fact that front-wheel drive vehicles require fewer parts making them cheaper to produce. Traction with is a negative for rear-wheel vehicles is a benefit for front-wheel vehicles, particularly in snow and rain. This is because front-wheel vehicles pull the car instead of the pushing found in rear wheel vehicles. The con of front-wheel vehicles is that they are noise heavy which makes the handling not as good.



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