The Criteria for Certified Pre-Owned Buick Vehicles at Paillé Berthierville

We understand that customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of our business. If we sell vehicles that are unreliable, it is going to show on our reputation. For one thing, the customer is going to be dissatisfied with the service as well as the product. This increases the possibility of bad reviews. In order to satisfy our customers with Buick vehicles, we choose our vehicles based on a set of criteria

Among the criteria that the Buick has to meet before we decided to sell them as certified pre-owned vehicles is that they have to be within the current 6 model years. This makes sure that we have models that are relatively new.

The Buick also has to be driven for up to 75,000 miles. Then it has to pass a vehicle history report as well as carry a clean title. This is how we know that the vehicle is reliable.



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