The GMC Sierra 2500 HD Possesses Power and Style in One Package

The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is a rugged heavy duty pickup truck that has a refined style on the outside but a powerful punch on the inside. When you drive a Sierra HD, you are assured of top performance from this powerful and stylish truck. When outfitted with the Duramax diesel, the Sierra 2500 HD delivers a best-in-class 445 horsepower and 910 pound-feet of torque, wrapped up in high-strength steel.

The Sierra 2500 HD is primarily composed of a high-strength steel, with nearly two-thirds of the cab incorporating this durable material. This same steel is used in the cross-members and frame. Not just a workhorse, this truck sports exterior features like available amber lights on the roof and a distinctively sculpted grille in the front that captures air to help cool the engine.

We here at Paillé Berthierville will be glad to place you behind the wheel of one of these iconic pickup trucks for a test drive. When you come back, you will be as assured of the quality of these trucks as we are. The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is all the truck you need for all the work you require.



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